Chevall Kanhai

Orlando, Florida ,
Website Publisher & Co-host

Chevall better know as, Chevy, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He grew up watching the Orlando Magic (die hard fan) and playing the wonderful game of basketball. Chevy studied Audio Engineering which is why he produces and edits the podcasts you hear. He is one of the original voices that debuted on 3 in the Key Podcast. His passion for sports, inspiration from sports fans, and recommendation from his close friends drove Chevy to create Baseline Times. Some of his All-Time favorite players include Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, Rip Hamilton and Kevin Durant. He also enjoys watching his Tampa Bay Buccaneers during football season. Outside of the sports world, Chevy enjoys to travel, DJ, and producing music. You can catch Chevy in the mix of NBA coverage on Baseline Times.

DeMario Jackson

Los Angeles, California
Co-host, Senior Editor and Eligible Bachelor

DeMario brings a West Coast flavor and personality to the Baseline Times Network. DeMario is a lifelong New York Yankees/New York Giants fan and he also protects LeBron James at ALL costs… DeMario loves advanced stats, sabermetrics,  he dislikes “what if” scenarios and he lives by two words, “facts only.” DeMario is apart of all three podcasts and he is also the host of the Rounding Third Podcast. Some of his all time favorite athletes are Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Eli Manning, Deion Sanders, Allen Iverson and John Stockton. Outside of playing, watching and discussing sports you can catch DeMario at Coachella, Outside Lands, *insert local bar singing karaoke here* or at home playing the best of Sade, Led Zeppelin, Biggie Smalls and Miles Davis.

Kory Schulte

Dallas, Texas
Digital Marketing/Senior Editor

A Minnesotan through and through, Kory recently moved from Minneapolis to Dallas, TX. He’s played baseball his whole life, and would like to think he’s a student of the game. When it comes to #HotTakes, he’s usually either very right or very wrong, but he’ll always have the analytics to back up his arguments. Kory knows that the BABIP Gods giveth, and the BABIP Gods taketh away with no regard for the suffering left in their wake. Kory will mercilessly defend the honor of Javy Baez until the day #9 tags his way into Cooperstown. He spends his free time touring breweries or enjoying new restaurants with his girlfriend (who is totally real, he promises). If there’s any time left, you can catch Kory on Steam – usually playing Rocket League (poorly) – or tweeting incessantly about fantasy baseball or fantasy football. Catch all of his mostly correct takes on the Rounding Third Podcast.

Bobby Down

Los Angeles, California
MLB Staff Writer

Bobby was born in Southern California in the Los Angeles area, and never wants to leave because other places are bad, especially where Kory has lived. Bobby loves baseball and the Dodgers more than just about anything. His favorite player of all-time is the best pitcher of this generation, Clayton Kershaw. If you slander Kershaw in any way, Bobby will know and will teleport into the discussion to smite you down with advanced statistics every which way. You can also catch Bobby arguing with Baseline Times’ very own Dustin Shires that all started with Tim Lincecum from years and years ago. Thanks, Dustin, this is all your fault. Bobby writes baseball articles of all kinds, though mostly filled with stats from Fangraphs. Check it out and see if you learn anything new!

Gregory Huss

Muncie, Indiana
MLB Staff Writer

Greg is currently based out of Muncie, Indiana and is going to school at Ball State University. Born and raised in Central Illinois, he is one of the biggest Cubs fans you will find. Besides his work writing and podcasting about everything going on around Major League Baseball at Baseline Times, you can find Greg writing over at Wrigley Rapport discussing the Chicago Cubs in more depth, covering a lot of their minor league system. He is a major sabermetrics nerd and won’t listen to a word you are saying if you use batting average and pitching wins as a way to describe the worth of a player. Outside of baseball, Greg loves spending his time watching college football and tirelessly keeping up with his fantasy football lineups.

Markus Murden

Orlando, Florida
NBA Staff Writer

Markus was born in Texas, grew up in Orlando, and is a New York sports fan. In Jeter he trusts. Taking a hard nose look at sports, it’s not always the stats and metrics that make the game. The only statistic that matters is in the win column. Just ask Eli Manning, the GOAT, after the Superbowl in ’07 and ’11. Word is Bond. You can find Markus serving hot takes and NY sports praise on the 3 in the Key Podcast.

Bobby Nagel

Minneola, Florida
Wrestling Staff Writer

Robert Nagel better know as Bobby, was born in Springfield Massachusetts, grew up in Plymouth Michigan but has lived in Florida on and off for 15 years. You can hear him on Heels Of Wrestling, he’s a big Dolph Ziggler fan but he grew up watching WCW (Wolfpack for life) and was a big Sting fan growing up. He is an avid sports enthusiast but also reads comics and goes to comic cons. Other than wrestling Bobby is a Detroit Tigers fan an Orlando Magic fan a Detroit Redwings fan and a Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

Justin Velez

St. Petersburg, Florida
Wrestling Staff Writer

Justin was born in New York, grew up in Orlando, and settled down in St. Petersburg. He was introduced to World Championship Wrestling at a fairly early age and fell in love. Young Justin prided himself on landing Swanton Bombs and Scorpion Deathlocks on his friends. After leaving the wrestling world for years, Justin has come back to his original favorite sport with open arms, now priding in a solid Superkick. When he’s not watching wrestling Justin plays Dungeons and Dragons, cheers his New York Yankees, and drinks because of his New York Jets.

Gabe Lloyd

Miami, Florida
Co-host & NBA Staff Writer

Gabriel (or Gabe) Lloyd has been a active sports fan and gamer since the age of 10. Playing every neighborhood sport from basketball, soccer, football and even tennis. He developed a real passion for sports in middle school when he met Tim Hardaway who at the time was playing for the Miami Heat. This was the first time he met Hardaway who was visiting his school for a pep rally. He has since been a die hard Heat and Dolphins fan while occasionally checking in on the Marlins when they are in a World Series. Gabriel also enjoys Mixed Martial Arts and plays daily fantasy sports in his free time. When he isn’t discussing sports you can normally find him dabbling in electronics or drawing. You can listen to Gabe talk hoops on 3 in the Key Podcast or writing about the NBA.

Jeff Billy Aristide

Orlando, Florida
NBA Staff Writer

Jeff Billy Aristide is 25 years old born in Haiti. He has lived in Orlando, Florida since the second grade. Currently he is a high school basketball coach at Orlando Baptist Temple. Jeff Billy played college basketball at Crown College and graduated from Toccoa Falls College with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication.  Love God, love food, and love ball!


Ed Coleman

Orlando, Florida
NFL & College Football Staff Writer

Ed is a Florida native from “way back”. Ed grew up watching the Florida State Seminoles rise to greatness under Bobby Bowden, and has been a die hard Nole ever since! Ed watched as his “second hometown” of Jacksonville was awarded the Jaguars, and saw them rise quickly amongst NFL ranks as an expansion franchise. He hasn’t waivered in his support of the Jags who have struggled, yet showed promise over the past decade. Ed continues to support his North Florida teams, and will be bringing Baseline Times his unique wit and wisdom in the upcoming 2017 football season.


Jonathan Alicea (Jon)

Orlando, Florida

Known as the stats guy and the shows resident hipster, Jonathan has been an avid basketball fan for twenty years (watching and playing). Growing up in Central Florida it is no surprise that Jonathan is an Orlando Magic super fan. He has also shown a strong fandom for the Dallas Mavericks as well.  Tracy McGrady, Penny Hardaway, Dirk Nowitzki, JJ Redick, Josh McRoberts and Jameer Nelson are amongst Jonathan’s favorite players of all time. Outside of watching and playing basketball; Jonathan is an avid record collector, movie buff and MyGm addict in NBA 2k.

Chris Panic (Barry or Panic)

West Babylon, New York
Co-Host, Charles Barkley of the trio

Brash and unapologetic, Chris serves as the shows Round Mound of Sound and he is never afraid to take an unpopular stance on a given topic. Growing up in Long Island, NY, Chris is a die hard Knicks fan. Some of his all time favorite NBA players are Tracy McGrady, Micheal Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, David Lee and Patrick Ewing.Outside of basketball, Chris is a MASSIVE New York Jets fan, rap music enthusiast, super hero geek and a connoisseur of food.

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