Heels of Wrestling Episode 16: Jericho and Omega

Episode 16: Jericho and Omega

A dream match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega will take place at Wrestle Kingdom next year. Will it live up to the hype? And what last-minute changes to Survivor Series are WWE contemplating?

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Heels of Wrestling Episode 15: Surviving the Wargames

Episode 15: Surviving the Wargames

Next weekend all of WWE will be at war. We’ll have the battle of the big brands when Raw and Smackdown collide on WWE Survivor Series, and NXT Wargames looks to put the best of NXT against one another. The Heels go into their predictions for Survivor Series and NXT Wargame cards and whether the cards will live up to expectations. The Heels also air their grievances with WWE creative. Who will come out victorious over the weekend of Wargames?

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4 Musts for WWE at Survivor Series 2017

Survivor Series 2017: What Must Happen?

The last dual brand PPV of the year is upon us with WWE Survivor Series 2017. The traditional Survivor Series experience is back with teams battling it out for supremacy, but this year it’s been spiced up with Interbrand champion matches. We’ll get to see each Brand’s champion go against the equivalent belt holder on the opposing brand. Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal, Miz vs. Baron Corbin, and Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya are just some of the action we have to look forward to in November.

But so far in this latter half of the year, WWE hasn’t performed up to greatness. What can WWE do to assure the fans are satisfied walking out of Survivor Series this year?

1. The USOs beat The Shield

Jimmy and Jey Uso are your Smacdown Tag Champs heading into Survivor Series

The Usoooooooos!

Jimmy and Jey Uso are likely the performers of the year in WWE. Ever since their heel turn, their stock has risen and risen. Already known as great in-ring workers, the duo finally was given characters that match their appeal. Throughout the year the two showed there were shoulders above the rest of the tag team division on Smackdown. So much so that The New Day was brought over from Raw to face the pair with legendary promos and PPV matches coming out of the feud.

So for the USOs to becoming the top team in the company, they need to beat The Shield. The Shield have been the favorites of the WWE for quite some time. The reunion already happened at TLC so the hype for that shouldn’t cloud the outcome of this match. With the potential of this bout being through the roof, we could have something magical if WWE doesn’t screw up this booking. Give the USOs the much-needed victory over Raw’s top tag team to show the appreciation for them carrying the Blue Brand through much of the year.

2. Asuka is the Last Woman Standing

Asuka prior to Survivor Series

The Empress of Tomorrow needs her big showing here.

WWE has dropped the ball on giving NXT superstars great runs out of the gate in WWE. Asuka so far is looking to be heading in the same direction. I know it’s early with only two matches under her belt, but those two matches have The Empress looking pedestrian, not dominant.

It needs to be made abundantly clear that Asuka is going to be gunning for the Women’s title come to the Road to Wrestlemania time and it’s time to set her up here with a big moment. Because both champions are outside of the match, Asuka should look extremely strong in the match as well. Picking up at least two eliminations and being the final Raw Woman standing would pique Asuka for her run coming up.

3. Team Daniel Bryan screws Smackdown

Will Daniel Bryan make a turn at Survivor Series?

Daniel Bryan watches Shane and KO argue

There have been seeds of dissension put into Smackdown over the last year. Kevin Owens is just the tip of the glacier that’s plowing towards a breakdown of the blue brand. WWE needs to cash in on this movement fully and put Daniel Bryan on the same side with KO and Sami Zayn.

It’s simple just to have KO and Zayn screw over Team Smackdown and have Team Raw escape with a cheap victory that way. It would be an excellent direction to go in and a safe one to continue with down the line and to be honest it will probably be a great story. However by adding the approval of Daniel Bryan to ruining Shane’s tyranny over the blue brand, management vs. management, would be amazing. With more up and coming RoH stars coming through the ranks, if this concept is kept going long enough Bryan could have enough people in his corner to take over Smackdown. All because Zayn pulled KO off that table.

4. Jinder Mahal beats Brock Lesnar in a Dirty Finish

Champion vs. Champion at Survivor Series

Jinder Mahal vs. Brock Lesnar

The only way this match can be entertaining is either A) Brock Lesnar destroys Jinder or B) Brock loses to Jinder in the dirtiest match ever. I think plan B would be more fun. There’s already going to be an inclusion of a special guest referee, so why not go full blown ridiculous? Have Brock destroy Jinder and then have the match collapse from there until Jinder ultimately comes out the victor.

Having Jinder win would also give him something to brag about heading into his main-eventing tour in India in December. I’m sure the Modern Day Maharaja will love to tell his people how he slew the beast.


This year’s Survivor Series ultimately feels like an exhibition match card, so WWE has a lot of room to set up the remainder of the year nicely from here. There are inklings of great potential storylines heading into the PPV and WWE need to only capitalize on them moving forward. Finish off the year with a good one WWE. The fans will love you for it.

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Heels of Wrestling Episode 14: WWE TLC 2017 Review and Survivor Series Intro

Episode 14: WWE TLC 2017 and Survivor Series Intro

WWE TLC 2017 has now come and gone. It was a night that had drastic changes due to superstars Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt being out for the night due to medical reasons. We were gifted with last-minute substitutes in AJ Styles to step in for the latter and WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle to step in for the former.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2017 also had the debut of Asuka to the main roster. Did her debut go well? Were Styles and Balor match too sweet? Was Angle able to survive the carnage of a TLC match after all those years gone from the ring? Find out on our weekly show.


Highlights from WWE Raw TLC 2017

The Shield at TLC 2017

The Shield is victorious at TLC 2017

Finn and AJ at TLC 2017

Too Sweet!

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Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta….SHIELD!

The SHIELD is Back in WWE

History of The SHIELD

June 2, 2014, “The chair shot heard around the world.” With one swift motion, Seth Rollins destroyed his creation, and perhaps the greatest faction to ever walk the halls of WWE, the Shield. It was a shock. The group was at its absolute peak at the time, having just dominated Evolution during the last two WWE pay-per-views, but “all good things come to an end,” and so did the Shield. Since the breakup, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns have all gone on to have great success as singles competitors. All three men have held the WWE Championship, and all three have been vital members of WWE’s roster.

No matter how much time went by though, and no matter who the three men feuded with, they were always drawn back to each other. The first time all three won the WWE Championship, it was by defeating another member of the Shield. Rollins pinned Reigns, Reigns pinned Ambrose, and Ambrose pinned Rollins. It’s been a beautifully told story throughout, and it’s finally reached the part we’ve all been patiently waiting for, the reunion.

Shield reunion on Raw

(c) WWE.com

What’s Next for The SHIELD?

It was always clear that the Shield would reunite one day. Everyone had their theory of how it would happen, and who they would feud against next. I was always a proponent of having them feud against AJ Styles and the Club, but that naturally didn’t happen. The way WWE chose to book the reunion might’ve seemed like a letdown on paper. After all, the MIz, Sheamus & Cesaro, Bruan Strowman, and Kane have no real tie to each other or the Shield, but so far it’s worked. Maybe it’s just the high of having the Shield back, perhaps the Miz is just that good on the mic, or maybe the formula never changed. Shield + any combination of WWE superstars= awesomeness.

My question is, what will happen to the “Hounds of Justice” once TLC has come and gone? Is WWE going to keep Raw’s top 3 performers in a faction? Will the Miz find new tag team partners and issue another challenge to the Shield? If the Shield ends up breaking up again, will Seth Rollins be a repeat offender? Or will one of his other Shield mates get their hands dirty?

Same Shield Story…Different Culprit?

As much as we all hated the fact that they had to break up in the first place, their initial break up ranks right up there with any team break up in wrestling history. Nobody saw it coming, and nobody had Seth Rollins being the one to defect from the group. Can WWE duplicate that success? I say they can, but only if they dare to turn Roman Reigns heel. I’m sure WWE is sick of hearing the plea from fans to turn Roman heel, but if there was ever a time to do it, it’s now. If Roman turns on his two Shield brothers, his level of heat would instantly skyrocket.

The most hated man in pro wrestling would become even more hated, except this time we’d all have a reason for hating him. Seth Rollins’ betrayal and subsequent heel run made him the most despised heel in WWE, but weirdly it also made fans reluctantly respect him. If WWE would steer into the skid and turn Roman heel, they might be able to rehabilitate his character, and finally, cash in on his great potential. The ball is in Vince McMahon’s court now.

The Shield is back

(c) wwe.com


For as many storylines as WWE has botched over the years, it’s moments like the Shield reunion that reminds fans why we tune in week after week. There is no telling where we’re going from here. Things could take a turn for the worse. WWE could somehow find a way to ruin the Shield, but for now, we’ve all got what we wanted. Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns, in combat gear, coming through the crowd, together, to the familiar sound of ” Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta…SHIELD!”

Read more by Wesly Avendano

3 Big Concerns for WWE Raw TLC 2017

WWE Raw Presents Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2017

WWE Raw's TLC 2017 Main Event. 5-3 Handicap TLC Match.

The Shield vs.Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, and The Bar

On October 22, 2017, WWE Raw will present the 2017 TLC PPV show. The main event for the evening is a three on 5 TLC Handicap match between the Shield and Raw’s top Heels, all in one match. However, this has honestly let the rest of the card feeling a bit shallow. The rest of the card is mostly women’s matches and cruiserweight bouts. Another highlight of the show is the debut of The Empress Asuka to the main roster, facing Emma in a rematch of their NXT classic. What concerns for the PPV and the Raw brand does this leave us?

What does the Shield do after this?

The Miz, Braun Strowman, and The Bar have been the top Heels on Raw for the entirety of the year. The only Heel missing from the match is Samoa Joe, and it only feels like his absence is just because of Injury. If he was healthy, I don’t think they bring Kane back to fill in that spot, but instead, have Joe be the fall guy. The problem with this is, who do The Shield go from here?

It’s seemingly obvious that The Shield is going to win their big debut match back together. I can’t see WWE going any other way with the booking. So now every Heel built up over the last year is going to be dealt with in one fell swoop. Braun and Miz are just the newest sacrifices on the pyre that is Roman Reigns on his way to Brock. The irony being they were the two hottest superstars this year, not Roman. This match could have easily been broken up into two separate matches, and give this card depth. Instead, we get to watch all the villains fall to The Shield.

Braun and Miz are just the newest sacrifices on the pyre that is Roman Reigns on his way to Brock. The irony being they were the two hottest superstars this year, not Roman. This match could have easily been broken up into two separate matches, and give this card depth. Instead, we get to watch all the villains fall to The Shield.

The only other 3-man stable WWE has is The New Day, and they’re on Smackdown. It can’t be the Wyatt family because Luke and Erik are now on Smackdown as The Bludgeon Brothers. The only other

The only other possibility would be a reunion of The Club. Finn Balor is on Raw, and so are the Good Brothers, Gallows and Anderson. Bringing The Club back may also steal some thunder from the Bullet Club coming at WWE’s neck right now.

What Impact will Asuka have on the WWE Raw Women’s Division?

WWE Raw's newest call-up, Asuka

Asuka’s TLC Promotion

As I’ve talked about before, WWE doesn’t do the best job with their new arrivals. The trend of bucking NXT stars hold especially true for the call-ups as of late. These talents usually receive huge pushes, only to be stopped dead cold by an already established superstar on the roster.

That better not happen to Asuka. Asuka, The Empress, the most prestigious champion in NXT history, better not sniff a clean loss on the roster until next Summer at a minimum. In NXT Asuka ran through the competition at first, but then started to use Heel tactics to get over Ember Moon. It’s hard to keep up ways for someone to be undefeated and not make the rest of the division look weak.

With Raw’s women division hosting some of the most over women in wrestling, I find it hard to believe Vince will let Asuka run through everyone. Especially with the current champion being Alexa Bliss and WWE’s love of 50/50 booking. A robust program with Alexa Bliss out the gate can solidify Asuka, but putting too many road bumps between her and the title will just make her look like every other NXT call up. Keep her dominance going and WWE will only strengthen the diviso, not make it worse.

Another 3 Months without a Universal Title match

WWE Raw Universlal Champion vs. Smackdown WWE Champion

Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal

There isn’t going to be a Universal Title defense at WWE Raw’s TLC this year.

On Smackdown, Jinder Mahal called out Brock for a match at Survivor Series. With WWE earmarking everything in advance, there’s no way this match doesn’t happen, and again it’s not a title defense. The Beast Incarnate probably won’t be defending the Universal Title until the Royal Rumble in January.

WWE’s live event numbers have been dwindling, and the lackluster showing of their two champions doesn’t help that stat. Raw is the “bigger” brand of the company, and without it’s most prominent draw showing up every week, it diminishes the brand. It’s clear that Brock is just patiently waiting on the Roman Reign’s feud, and it leaves a massive gap in the Raw landscape. When no one’s fighting for the ultimate prize of the brand, what are they fighting for?


WWE Raw is going to have some hard choices to make as they start gearing up for the road to Wrestlemania. There’s going to have to be massive shakeups at the main event level for interest to pique again before the Rumble. We all know Lesnar and Reigns are on a collision course, but it’s up to WWE to keep it interesting in the meantime. Asuka will provide a shot in the arm to the women’s division, but the mishandling of other former NXT Champions makes me worry for Asuka. Hopefully she translates well in a division that has turned stale in the latter half of the year.

Asuka will be a shot in the arm to the women’s division, but the mishandling of prior stars make me worry for Asuka. Hopefully she translates well in a division that has turned stale in the latter half of the year. Forever may the Empress reign.

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Heels of Wrestling Episode 13: Hell in a Cell 2017

Episode 13: Hell in a Cell 2017

Hosts Markus, Bobby, and Wes cover WWE Smackdown Live’s 2017 Hell in a Cell PPV. We then breakdown The Shield reuniting on raw this week, Asuka’s debut opponent, more questionable choices involving the Wyatt family, and the future of 205 Live.

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Hell in a Cell KO and Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens fighting in Hell in a Cell

Polynesian Prince Interview

Polynesian Prince Interview

The Heels are back with another interview, this time with Polynesian Prince, a wrestler out of the Coastal Wrestling Federation in Pensacola, FL. Prince talks about growing up in the Anoa’i family, starting his wrestling promotion CWF, and his opinions on the current state of wrestling.

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Heels of Wrestling Episode 12: WWE No Mercy 2017

Episode 12: WWE No Mercy 2017

WWE No Mercy 2017 is Tonight September 24, 2017, on WWE Network Live.

Heel Predictions

Adam Gregory: Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Nia Jax, Jason Jordan, Neville, Finn Balor, Elias

Bobby Nagel: Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Alexa Bliss, Jason Jordan, Enzo Amore, Bray Wyatt, Elias

Markus Murden: Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Nia Jax, Jason Jordan, Neville, Bray Wyatt, Elias

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WWE’s Aesthetics Need Desperate Help

WWE’s Aesthetics Need some Help

I remember when I was younger watching The Undertaker and Kane come down to the ring. Their entrances made me think these guys were talented, and more importantly, bigger than life. Whether it was the haunting silhouette of Undertaker skulking down the ring, or Kane igniting the arena, these entrances mattered. There was a point that WWE knew aesthetics matter to the business, and it’s now time for some changes in that department. A Superstar’s entrance can take the average and make it extraordinary.

Bring Back Pyrotechnics for Superstars

Shawn Michael's Wrestlemania Entrance

This entrance is completely different without the fireworks

WWE currently has some budget concerns for the company, and one of the first things to be cut was pyrotechnics for their superstars. No more mortars are going off during your ring entrance, a tremendous shame.

It’s awkward watching Superstars who once had pyro behind them pause at that moment, and nothing happens. Could you imagine the Dudley Boys coming down to the ring without their signature rocket going off? Goldberg just walking out onto the ramp, boringly? Well, I didn’t want to, but it’s 2017, and I’ve now had to experience these uninspiring entrances. It’s worse now that no WWE superstar comes down to the ring with fanfare. I can understand removing them from weekly shows. There have been burning, and fire incidents in the past and consistent use is expensive.

However, removing them from PPV entrances only plays into the feeling of normalcy that many of the B show PPV’s have felt like this year. No amount of neon computer graphics and L.E.D.’s can make up for the epic visage of coming out to explosions.

Bring Back Titantron Videos

WWE used to play video of their Superstars on the Titantron before their matches. These highlight reels could be used to remind fans of the greatness of their favorite superstar. They get people hype, so why take them away?

Plus they just reinforce the already iconic entrance of some superstars with their memories. WWE superstars are feeling more mannequin by the year, give them back some personal flavor in their entrance.


Move the Raw Announcers’ Table Back Ringside

WWE Raw announce table

Why is this over here now?

I don’t know whose idea it was to move the Raw announcers’ table to up and alongside the ramp, but they need to get the ax. The announcers are no longer near the action, the ring feels shallower, and now there’s a critical piece of the “ring” missing. Aesthetically speaking, ringside feels empty, and there’s a lack of depth to the arena without the table at ringside.

Putting someone through the announcers’ table is a great spot. Banging someone’s head against the announcers’ table is a great move, and brings the action closer to the crowd. Without the announcers’ table at ringside, the Raw ring feels a lot smaller. And now the action has to stop and walk all the way up the ramp for the same spots that used to feel organic? No thanks.

Let’s move the table back to its natural position and bring back some natural ringside interactions. The announce team doesn’t need to feel like a separate entity than the wrestlers and the action inside the ring.

Make Promotional Posters Fit the Event

I already know who these people are, I don’t need constant reminders.

There was a time when WWE put out promo posters that weren’t just pictures of the roster and a date on it. Facial recognition is probably at an all-time high in WWE. Everyone’s gimmick is themselves, so having a little mysticism about the event itself can’t be so bad.

Not every match on the card is a marquee affair, and cramming everyone on the poster means that nobody on the poster is exceptional. WWE is taking the Disney Marvel approach to making posters. It doesn’t take that far back to find creative posters for PPV’s like Judgement Day, Armageddon, and others that bring intrigue to the event.

Chris Jericho Armageddon Poster

Y2J Ending the World? I’m okay with it.

See? Why is Jericho pressing that button? Nowadays it would just be Jericho and the 15 other superstars on that poster. No intrigue, no theme, just the presentation of wrestling.


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