Shoot or Pass Podcast – Episode 5: Cavs Struggles, Kidd Fired, and All-Star Reserves

Chevall and DeMario are back to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers most recent struggles and scapegoat of Kevin Love. The duo dive into the Warriors and Rockets potential to come out the West. Also, tune in to see if they agree with the Jason Kidd firing. All-Star reserves are discussed and do we agree? Listen now! (NSFW Language)

Shoot or Pass Podcast – Episode 4: Paul Pierce demands special night, LaVar Ball talks again & Mid-Season Awards

Chevall and DeMario discuss the top NBA stories and also share their NBA Mid-Season award winners. Paul Pierce demands a special night, LaVar Ball sounds off on Luke Walton while in Lithuania, and Lebron’s thoughts on the H&M advertisement disaster is discussed. Tune in now! (Warning: NSFW language)

Shoot or Pass Podcast – Episode 3: IT Returns, 2018 NBA Expectations, Early NBA All-Star Picks

Chevall and DeMario welcome in 2018 with a new episode! The duo speaks on the IT return and his future impact on the Cavaliers, 2018 expectations they would like to see, and also pick their starting five for the All-Star game in February. (Warning: NSFW Content)

Shoot or Pass Podcast: Episode 2 – Early Surprises, OKC Struggles, and LeBron’s Year 15

Chevall Kanhai is joined by DeMario Jackson for another NBA exclusive episode! The duo talk about their early surprises, Oklahoma City Thunder’s struggles, and DeMario praises Lebron for his fabulous year 15. Homage is paid to Kobe and some LaVar talk ensues.

OKC’s struggles best defined from Hoops Central and the video in the show referenced is below.

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Shoot or Pass Podcast: Episode 1: 2017 NBA Free Agency

Baseline Times Media presents a new dedicated NBA podcast. Shoot or Pass Podcast makes its debut as the premier NBA Podcast out of Baseline Times Media! Chevall Kanhai and Matt McKenna discuss the NBA’s latest free agency movements. In-depth coverage of the Celtics and Danny Ainge’s moves are discussed!